jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014

A change in the Educational Paradigm

In a juncture where the pillars of factory education tremble, the possibility of a change in direction on educational matters arises not only as a mere will, but as an achievable horizon. 
Paraphrasing Antonio Gramsci, we live in a world where the old is dying and the new cannot be born. Rising the flag of the new, building a new world from the ruins of this system, is something that will require of rethink all the systemic herd that we have received. In order to deal with this, working for a new model of education is an essential task. A change in the educational paradigm is not only possible, but necessary. However, in order to start building a new educational model, it is a primary duty to be absolutely clear about what are our primordial aims. Promoting the critical and interdisciplinary development of the studentship is one of these aims; but is an objective that without any kind of doubt, will need to be linked to a serie of values ( respect, cooperation, solidarity, equality...) capable of making study centers a place for collective work and thinking. Moreover, is essential to abolish multiple dogmas herded from the current education system. Specially, we must assume that every student is unique, and so there are his or hers conditions; each student should be treated according to his or hers abilities.

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  1. Very interesting reflection. I agree with you up to a point. When we think on changing the educational paradigm, we have to focus ourselves not only in a new kind of education where every student is unique, but in a paradigm which also involves every good aspect of the traditional values: effort, knowledge of our past (without any kind of manipulation) and a great deal on languages and humanistic education, as a way of linking the aspects of the past and the present.

    However, it's really important to make people develope critical thinking, starting on the childhood, Those kids who protest should not be punished but be rewarded.


  2. Without a shadow of a doubt David! Do not worry my friend because its something that we will be able to see in Spain after the next elections. ;)