sábado, 15 de noviembre de 2014

Smile, because we are going to win.

If something has been made clear today at the Apolo Theatre, is that the advance of Podemos is unstoppable; the massive levels of participations that we have observed during the last weeks in the Citizen´s assembly are a clear evidence of it. Podemos is now the reference for those who will a real change for our country, for those who want to build a new democracy able to empower the citizenship at all levels of society. Today, n the company of our fellows of southern europe; of our friends of greece, italy, portugal, france; of our fellows from Latin America and Palestine; we have risen the voice again to repeat to those who have stolen our country: we shall overcome. 

However, we know that is now when difficulties are going to arise. The following months are going to be decisive for our country; is now when the real battle for democracy starts. We know that the enemy that we are going to fight are strong, and we are aware that the last bulwarks of this regime are not going to fall by themselves; but it is the time to balance - as the master Antonio Gramsci  said -the pessimism of our intelligence with the optimism of our will. 

Friends, being sincere with all of you, this is not going to be easy. Fortunately, many of the best are walking at our side.  Precisely because of that we must stand side by side all together and avoid falling in the historic mistakes of our struggle; bringing democracy to our workplaces, to our study centers, constructing mechanism of popular control of our institutions, is something that will require of the help of the best militance of our country. Izquierda Anticapitalista, has clearly evidenced the importance of this, and we must ensure that we all keep working together, welcoming those who want to join us in this historic duty that we have accepted: because only with them we can.

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